Secure all your exchanges and content to your mobile devices (android - iPhone)

AKARE Page d'accueil 3.0.3-dev
All data is encrypted and a password limits access to the application.
AKARE Messagerie sécurisée 3.0.3-dev
List of messages contacts.
AKARE messagerie sécurisée 3.0.3-dev
Message exchanges. All messages are encrypted locally and when sent to the recipient. The server conveying the messages never sees the messages in the clear. The lifetime of messages is also definable
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. Images, videos, sounds, notes and documents are only accessible in the secure area and are encrypted.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage / Contacts. Examples of videos.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. Encrypted folder creation for document storage. Visible only from the application.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. No depth limit in creating encrypted folders.
AKARE Contacts 3.0.3-dev
Contacts. List of contacts and information associated with contacts. These contacts are only accessible from the application and are encrypted

SECURE ALL YOUR EXCHANGES AND CONTENTS IN YOUR DEVICE: AKARE uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. All your exchanges are encrypted and the server never sees messages unencrypted or files. Only terminals access messages and contents in clear.

Data encryption on devices uses AES technology and for communications RSA technology

The libraries used for encryption are OPEN SOURCE libraries. By using the OPEN SOURCE libraries we are guaranteed that there is no "backdoor" within this code.

- USE A PASSWORD: To protect your digital privacy, you must choose a password. Without your password, no one can enter your Akare account. The level of confidentiality means that Akare teams do not know it and are not able to provide it to you if you lose it.

EXCHANGE SECURITY what you want: Send photos, videos, audio files, voicemails, documents, notes. Everything you share is encrypted.


YOUR TELEPHONE CONTENT remains secret. Only the password owner can access information (photos, videos, notes)

STORE LOCALLY CONFIDENTIALLY on your phone your confidential information. (Photos, videos, sound notes, notes, etc.). These informations and elements are encrypted locally and only thanks to your password you will be able to access them, to visualize them, to modify them, to delete them.



- EDIT: remotely and edit everything you send, on your device and that of your contact.

- DELETE: remotely wipe everything you send to your device and your contact's.

- TIMER: set the life time of the content you send, by duration or number of views.

ID ANONYMOUS. The best way to protect your digital privacy, is to be anonymous. That's why we will not ask you for personal information. We give you a unique and random ID, which is the only way for a contact to interact with you.

NON-STOP CHAT SERVICE(*): Send messages over WIFI, mobile internet service or SMS text service.



in this space the container of your phone is saved allowing you to reload it later if you need it. The backup is also encrypted and only the holder of the ID and password can recover it.

(*) In the absence of a network, messages and documents can not be sent.